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Working during the lock down

The @ craftscouncil are supporting the brilliant #artistsupportpledge instigated by @matthewburrowsstudio

The concept is that the artist post images of the work to sell for a maximum of £200 (not including P&P). If the artist makes £1000 of sales, you pledge the artist can win the work from another artist's work for £200. This creates a small but dynamic market where all can contribute. Of course, this depend on honesty and generosity of our artistic community.

During this lock down, I have been working on the project testing different type of glass as Gaffer suppliers are leaving the UK.  Glass sculptures. Each £140+P&P (please DM if interested). 

Volunteers from Morley College London’s Chelsea Centre are working in the fashion studios and gallery to produce PPE gowns for the nearby NHS hospital. 20% of the sale price will be donated to materials for PPE gowns for the NHS hospital.

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